Stanford University's AA228/CS238 student project workspace (Autumn 2019)
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RedPen: AA228Student


Note: for Autumn 2020, see https://github.com/sisl/AA228-CS238-Student

This repository is used to submit project files for AA228/CS238: Decision Making under Uncertainty taught by Mykel Kochenderfer at Stanford University, Autumn 2019.

The repository includes the submit command line tool to submit project files located in the workspace directory.

All data and starter code for the projects are included in the workspace directory. Project submissions will occur within the workspace directory.

Requirements: Julia v1.2 and Git.

If you already have Julia v1.2 and Git, skip to step #3 under "Installation".*


  1. Install the 64-bit version of Julia v1.2 from https://julialang.org/downloads/ (follow their installation steps)

    • Add julia to the command line path: This will make julia available anywhere on the command line.
      • Windows: Follow these instructions and add the Julia bin directory to your User PATH environment variable (replacing <PATH_TO_JULIA> with your actual Julia installation location).

      • Linux: Edit your ~/.bashrc to add the following line (replacing <PATH_TO_JULIA> with your actual Julia installation location):

        export PATH=$PATH:/<PATH_TO_JULIA>/bin/
      • Mac OS X: Open a terminal and run the following (this will create ajulia alias and place it in /usr/local/bin which is already on the terminal path):

        sudo sh -c 'mkdir -p /usr/local/bin && ln -fs "/Applications/Julia-1.2.app/Contents/Resources/julia/bin/julia" /usr/local/bin/julia'
  2. Install Git from https://git-scm.com/downloads

  3. Download and run aa228download.jl:

    1. Right-click and "Save link as..." aa228download.jl in your desired location:
      • aa228download.jl

      • Or you can use curl:

        curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sisl/AA228Student.jl/master/aa228download.jl -o aa228download.jl
      • Or you can run this monstrosity of a one-liner (if you do, skip the next step ii):

        julia --color=yes -e "if VERSION < v\"1.2\";error(\"Julia v1.2 is required. Your current version is v\", VERSION);end;if Int <: Int32;error(\"64-bit version of Julia is required, please redownload the 64-bit version.\");end;if Sys.iswindows();try;run(pipeline(Cmd([\"net\", \"session\"]), stdout=Pipe(), stderr=Pipe()));catch err;@warn(\"A package dependency on Windows requires Administrator privileges, please restart your terminal and 'Run as administrator'.\nYou only need to do this to run aa228download.jl\");exit(-1);end;end;using Pkg;using LibGit2;@info \"Updating RedPen and AA228Student (requires git)...\";Pkg.add(PackageSpec(url=\"https://github.com/sisl/Obfuscatee.jl.git\"));Pkg.add(PackageSpec(url=\"https://github.com/sisl/RedPen.jl.git\"));function gitpull(repo::GitRepo);LibGit2.fetch(repo);eval(Meta.parse(\"LibGit2.merge\"*Char(33)*\"(repo)\"));end;clearhead(path::String) = rm(joinpath(path, \".git\", \"FETCH_HEAD\"), force=true);function update(path::String);clearhead(aa228path);repo = GitRepo(aa228path);gitpull(repo);end;if basename(pwd()) == \"AA228Student\";aa228path = pwd();update(aa228path);elseif isdir(\"AA228Student\");aa228path = joinpath(pwd(), \"AA228Student\");update(aa228path);else;LibGit2.clone(\"https://github.com/sisl/AA228Student.jl.git\", \"AA228Student\");aa228path = joinpath(pwd(), \"AA228Student\");end;@info string(\"Using AA228Student repository from: \", aa228path);Pkg.add(PackageSpec(path=aa228path));@info \"Precompiling AA228Student...\";Pkg.update();Pkg.build();using AA228Student ;@info(string(\"Please submit projects from the following directory:\n\", joinpath(aa228path, \"workspace\")))"
        • This works on Windows/Linux/Mac OS X: it will download the AA228Student repo and it's dependencies.
    2. Open a terminal and cd to the location of aa228download.jl
      • Run the following (from the command line, --color=yes argument is optional):

        julia --color=yes aa228download.jl
        • This will download the necessary Julia packages and will clone this repository into the directory AA228Student


To submit your project file(s), you'll do all of it via the command line (using the terminal of your choice):

  1. Open your terminal
  2. cd to the AA228Student/workspace repository directory
  3. Place all required files in their project# directory
    • Example: the README.pdf, small.gph, etc. files will be placed in the AA228Student/workspace/project1/ directory
    • Note: For Project 0, place the required project0.txt file directly in the workspace directory.
  4. Now you can submit your project file(s) from the workspace directory:
    • Windows examples (using submit.bat): Note, .bat can be omitted as Windows figures out the extension.

      submit project0.txt <YOUR_EMAIL>
      submit project1 <YOUR_EMAIL>
      submit project1 <YOUR_EMAIL> <NICKNAME>
      submit project2 <YOUR_EMAIL> <NICKNAME>
    • Linux/Mac OS X examples (using submit): Use the same arguments as the Windows examples, but use ./submit to run the submit script:

      ./submit project0.txt <YOUR_EMAIL>
      • Replace <YOUR_EMAIL> below with your SUNetID@stanford.edu email address.
      • You can also provide an optional nickname to appear on the leaderboard, but it'll default to your SUNet ID if nothing is provided (replace <NICKNAME> with your desired nickname).


You can request the status of your submissions via:

submit status <YOUR_EMAIL>

And you'll receive a message similar to this:

┌ Info: Submission successful!
│ Status of submissions (<YOUR_EMAIL>@stanford.edu):
└       Project 0: Submitted!


By default, running the submit script will update the required packages automatically. If an update needs to be pushed out to AA228Student before a submission, you can do either of the following (we will instruct you to do so):

  • cd to the AA228Student directory and run git pull


  • cd to the AA228Student directory and run julia aa228download.jl


Note, we'll put tips for frequently occurring issues here.

The project submission code RedPen and the AA228Student submission repository are new starting the Autumn 2019 semester—so please redirect any major issues to Robert Moss (mossr@stanford.edu) or submit them on Piazza for others to see.