Send cross-platform desktop notifications from Julia
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Alert provides a cross-platform means of displaying a notification to the user in Julia. It should work on MacOS, Windows 10 or Linux. This is handy for long-running scripts; just add alert() to the end of the script, and go work on something else until you see the notification. To use it just run alert, like so.

using Alert

for i in 1:10_000

alert("Your julia script is finished!")

Before using alert() at the end of a long-running script, it would be good to test that it actually works on your system: e.g. some linux distros may not have an appropriate program installed to display the notification. If it doesn't work, just read the error message that is displayed to see what program you need to install.

The package also provides @alert, which can be used to notify you when a block of code has finished. It only displays a message if the code runs for longer than 2 seconds (or a custom value). This is especially handy when using ProgressMeter, like so.

@alert @showprogress for i in 1:10_000