A tool for package developers for working with artifacts.
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Provides the function add_artifact!, which makes it easy for Julia projects to ship their own tarballs as Artifacts.


This will download the JuliaMono font from GitHub as a tarball and create a corresponding Artifacts.toml file in the current directory. It allows any Julia code in that directory to access these files with the artifact"..." string macro.

julia> using ArtifactUtils, Artifacts # Artifacts provides the artifact string macro

julia> add_artifact!(

julia> import Pkg; Pkg.instantiate() # to install the artifact
  Downloaded artifact: JuliaMono
  Downloaded artifact: JuliaMono

julia> artifact"JuliaMono"

julia> run(`ls $ans`);
JuliaMono-Black.ttf	JuliaMono-Bold.ttf	 JuliaMono-Light.ttf	JuliaMono-RegularLatin.ttf  LICENSE
JuliaMono-BoldLatin.ttf  JuliaMono-ExtraBold.ttf  JuliaMono-Medium.ttf	JuliaMono-Regular.ttf