Interfaces, types, and functions for space science packages
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Interfaces, types, and functions for space science packages

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AstroBase.jl is a "thick" base package for developing space science libraries and solutions in Julia. It provides fundamental algorithms and types as well as common interfaces that can be extended by downstream packages.


AstroBase.jl provides a number of submodules which can be individually imported, e.g. using AstroBase.Time, and provide the following functionality:

  • Astrometry: Astrometric functions
  • Bodies: Types representing celestial bodies and associated constants
  • Constants: Astronomical constants
  • Coords: Coordinate representations of objects in space (Cartesian, Keplerian) and transformations
  • EarthAttitude: Earth attitude modelling tools
  • Ephemerides: Semi-analytical planetary ephemerides
  • Frames: Types representing quasi-inertial, rotating, and topocentric references frames and the associated transformations
  • Time: A wrapper for the AstroTime.jl package
  • TwoBody: Functions related to the two-body problem of celestial mechanics
  • Util: Various utility functions e.g. angle conversions

Packages Using AstroBase.jl


Please refer to the documentation for additional information.