Simulations, statistics and plots for Augur consensus.
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Augur Simulator

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Monte Carlo simulations, statistics and plotting tools for the Augur event consensus algorithm.


julia> Pkg.add("Augur")


Run simulations with default settings using all available cores:

$ julia -p `nproc` test/controller.jl

Simulation results are automatically saved to test/data. If sim.SAVE_RAW_DATA = true, in addition to the output data, full time traces will be saved to test/data/raw. (Caution: this option both slows down the simulations and requires considerable storage space to store the results.)

Augur.jl includes plotters written for PyPlot and Gadfly. To generate plots, just specify pyplot or gadfly when you run the simulations:

$ julia -p `nproc` test/controller.jl pyplot

Plots are saved to test/plots.


Unit tests are included with Augur.jl, and can be run from the test/runtests.jl script:

$ julia test/runtests.jl