Idiomatic Julia wrapper of AWS Infinidash
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by David Cuthbert (@Kangadac)

AWS Infinidash Interface for Julia.

This package wraps up the standard Infinidash SDK from AWS.jl in to a more idiomatic Julia interface.

Right now it is still very bare bones. PRs welcome!


julia> using AWSInfinidash

julia> i8h
#1 (generic function with 1 method)

julia> I8h

Planned Features

  • Compostable pipelines
  • Combine all the foo_x, foo_y, foo_z methods into one foo(t, ...) function with multiple dispatch.
  • Docs.

Be aware:

Infinidash is not a real product. It is an elaborate joke, making fun of today's tech landscape. Mocking how a new framework or service comes out every other day. And it's just a incomprehensible collection of buzzwords and hype. Infinidash is a in-joke, but hey so are a lot of real products. By reading this you are now also in on the joke ☺️

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