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AxisArrayConversion.jl allows converting between AxisArrays.jl like packages.

Supporting more arrays

Conversions between two array types is provided by using the path

MyArray -> NamedTuple -> OtherArray

This has multiple advantages:

  • For N array types, only 2N methods must be implemented.
  • Conversion can be implemented between packages that don't know about each other.

In order to support MyArray, the following must be implemented:

function AxisArrayConversion.namedtuple(arr::MyArray)
    return (axes=..., values=...)

function AxisArrayConversion.from_namedtuple(::Type{MyArray}, nt::NamedTuple)
    ... = nt.axes
    ... = nt.values
    return MyArray(...)

And now any fancy conversion should work

using MyArrays, OtherArrays
using AxisArrayConversion: to
using Test

ma = MyArrays(...)
oa = to(OtherArray, ma)
@test oa isa OtherArrays.OtherArray
@test ma == to(MyArray, oa)

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