Julia wrapper for the BARON mixed-integer nonlinear programming solver
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The BARON.jl package provides an interface for using BARON by The Optimization Firm from the Julia language. You cannot use BARON.jl without having purchased and installed a copy of BARON from The Optimization Firm. This package is available free of charge and in no way replaces or alters any functionality of The Optimization Firm's Baron product.

BARON.jl is a Julia interface for the BARON optimization software. BARON.jl is intended for use with the MathOptInterface solver interface.

Setting up BARON and BARON.jl

  1. Obtain a copy of the BARON solver. Licenses must be purchased, though a small trial version is available for free.

  2. Unpack the executable in a location of your choosing.

  3. Add the BARON_EXEC environment variable pointing to the BARON executable (full path, including file name as it differs across platforms).

  4. Install the BARON.jl wrapper by running


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