Basic interpolation recipes in Julia
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Quick and easy interpolation methods for basic applications

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Use Julia's package manager to install

julia> ]add BasicInterpolators

Interpolation Methods

One Dimension
  • linear
  • piecewise cubic
  • cubic spline (natural or clamped)
  • Chebyshev
  • arbitrary order polynomials (Neville's method)
  • polynomial coefficients (efficient Vandermonde solver)
  • end-point cubic Hermite
Two Dimensions, Regular Grid
  • linear
  • piecewise cubic
  • cubic spline (uniform spacing in each direction)
  • Chebyshev
N-Dimensions, Scattered Points
  • radial basis functions (any choice of function)
  • Shepard
Other Stuff
  • Parametric Spline for N dimensional curves

See the documentation for examples, discussion, and details.

Other packages

If you need other/advanced applications, check out:

  1. Interpolations.jl
  2. Dierckx.jl
  3. GridInterpolations.jl
  4. ApproXD