Routines for reading and manipulating GWAS data in .bed files
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Routines for reading and manipulating GWAS data in .bed files

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Data from Genome-wide association studies are often saved as a PLINK binary biallelic genotype table or .bed file. To be useful, such files should be accompanied by a .fam file, containing metadata on the rows of the table, and a .bim file, containing metadata on the columns. The .fam and .bim files are in tab-separated format.

The table contains the observed allelic type at n single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) positions for m individuals.

A SNP corresponds to a nucleotide position on the genome where some degree of variation has been observed in a population, with each individual have one of two possible alleles at that position on each of a pair of chromosomes. Three possible types can be observed are: homozygous allele 1, coded as 0x00, heterzygous, coded as 0x10, and homozygous allele 2, coded as 0x11. Missing values are coded as 0x01.

A single column - one SNP position over all m individuals - is packed into an array of div(m + 3, 4) bytes (UInt8 values).


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