Information between bits and bytes.
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BitInformation.jl is a package for the analysis of bitwise information in Julia Arrays. Based on counting the occurrences of bits in floats (or generally any bittype) across various dimensions of an array, this package provides functions to calculate quantities like the bitwise real information content, the mutual information, the redundancy or preserved information between arrays.

BitInformation.jl also implements various rounding modes (round,shave,set_one, etc.) efficiently with bitwise operations. Furthermore, transormations like XOR-delta, bittranspose, or signed_exponent are implemented.

If you'd like to propose changes, or contribute in any form raise an issue, create a pull request or contact me. Contributions are highly appreciated!


For an overview of the functionality and explanation see the documentation.


BitInformation.jl is registered in the Julia Registry, so just do

julia>] add BitInformation

where ] opens the package manager. The latest version is automatically installed.


This project is funded by the Copernicus Programme through the ECMWF summer of weather code 2020 and 2021

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