An implementation of the Bloch-McConnell equations for simulating MR spin dynamics.
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This package provides functionality for simulating arbitrary MRI sequences. It includes support for (traditional) single-compartment Bloch simulations (using Spin objects) as well as multi-compartment Bloch-McConnell simulations (using SpinMC objects).

Getting started

This package is registered in the General registry, so you can install at the REPL with ] add BlochSim.


See the examples given in the documentation strings for how to use the provided functions. To access the documentation for, e.g., freeprecess, simply type ?freeprecess at the Julia REPL after loading the package.

For examples of how to simulate full MRI sequences, see src/sequences.jl and STFR.jl.


This package was developed based on Brian Hargreaves' Bloch simulation tutorial. All tests for this package of the form testX0x (like testA5b or testF3d) are based on the corresponding section in the tutorial.

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