Julia language wrapper for the Bloomberg™ API
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Provides a wrapper for BLPAPI Library to the Julia language.

The BLPAPI is the API Library provided by Bloomberg L.P. to connect to Bloomberg Professional Services.

This package aims to wrap each BLPAPI "Class" into an equivalent Julia type. Using this approach, the user can implement any query that BLPAPI provides and also inspect message schemas to discover what requests and responses are available from the API, without having to use the C API directly.


  • Julia v1.4 or newer.

  • Windows, Linux, or macOS.


From a Julia session, run:

julia> using Pkg

julia> Pkg.add("BLPData")


Package documentation is hosted at


The source code for the package BLPData.jl is licensed under the MIT License.

The BLPData.jl package uses and distributes binary files released by Bloomberg Finance L.P. under the licensing terms included in the file LICENSE.blpapi.

BLOOMBERG, BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL and BLOOMBERG TERMINAL are trademarks and service marks of Bloomberg Finance L.P., a Delaware limited partnership, or its subsidiaries. All rights reserved.