Native Julia codegen for eBPF bytecode
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BPFnative provides the ability to write eBPF filters in Julia. Additionally, wrappers to the libbpf library are provided to make it easy to load eBPF programs into the Linux kernel in for a variety of use cases.

Filter Licensing

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, so the following information may be completely incorrect. If you are a lawyer or have equivalent experience, and believe the following information to be misleading or incorrect, please file an issue/PR.

Because the Linux kernel exposes BPF helpers functions which are only available to GPL-licensed programs, BPFnative provides the option to allow BPF kernels to be generated under the GPL license, or whatever license is provided to bpffunction(). The subsequently generated kernel and source that generates it would then be considered to be licensed as specified. The default license is the empty string "", which may be construed to imply a lack of a license (proprietary).

BPFnative itself is of course just a compiler, so it may retain its MIT license. However, users should keep in mind that whatever license they specify to bpffunction() is the license that they must adhere to. This means that, for example, if a user were to generate a GPL-licensed BPF kernel with BPFnative's compiler, the user would be obligated to adhere to the terms of the GPL license, and specifically, would be required to provide the source code used to generate their BPF kernel, as well as distributing a copy or reference to the GPL license itself.


Thanks to @vchuravy for MCAnalyzer.jl, and @maleadt for CUDAnative.jl, both of which this package's code is derived from and inspired by! Also thanks to both of them for bearing with my terribly annoying questions :)

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