Streamlines bug reporting for julia
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This package implements Julia's --bug-report flag, simplyfing bug reporting by enabling users to easily generate and upload reports to help developers fix bugs.

    julia --bug-report=REPORT_TYPE[,REPORT_FLAG,...]

Currently, only the rr tool is supported to generate bug reports, but in the future other types of reports may be supported as well.

Available bug report types and flags


Print help message and exit.


Run julia inside rr record and upload the recorded trace.


Run julia inside rr record but do not upload the recorded trace. Useful for local debugging.


Generate a bug report, but limit the execution time of the debugged process to SECONDS seconds. This is useful for generating reports for hangs.


Generate an rr trace, while enabling so-called chaos mode. This is useful for flushing out threading-related issues (refer to the rr documentation for more details).

Using the traces for local debugging

You can use this package also for debugging your own Julia code locally. Use --bug-report=rr-local to record a trace, and replay() to replay the latest trace.

For example, if you have a script in a project that you'd like to trace, run julia --bug-report=rr -- --project=foo run.jl.

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