Julia Package for reading Capacitated Arc Routing Problem's data files
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This package reads .dat data files in a custom format for Capacitated Arc Routing Problem (CARP) instances and returns Data type:

struct Data
    name      ::String         # Instance name
    capacity  ::Int64          # Vehicles' capacity
    vehicles  ::Int64          # Number of vehicles
    vertices  ::Vector{Vertex} # List with all vertices
    edges     ::Vector{Edge}   # List with all edges (required or not)
    requireds ::Vector{Edge}   # List with required edges
    lb        ::Int64          # Known lower bound
    ub        ::Int64          # Known upper bound

where Vertex type:

struct Vertex
    id        ::Int64          # Sequential id, starting with 1
    edges     ::Vector{Edge}   # List with all incident edges (required or not)
    requireds ::Vector{Edge}   # List with required incident edges

and where Edge type:

struct Edge
    id        ::Int64          # Sequential id, starting with 1

    from      ::Vertex         # First vertex
    to        ::Vertex         # Second vertex
    cost      ::Int64          # Edge cost
    demand    ::Int64          # Edge demand (zero for depot)

Graph is undirected and depot is always vertex 1.

To install:

] add

All classical CARP instances in the literature are preloaded:

  • kshs: Kiuchi M, Shinano Y, Hirabayashi R, Saruwatari Y. An Exact Algorithm for the Capacitated Arc Routing Problem Using Parallel Branch and Bound Method. In: Abstracts of the 1995 Spring National Conference of the Operational Research Society of Japan. 1995, p. 28-9. In Japanese. (no link, for obvious reasons... 🙂)
  • gdb: Golden BL, DeArmon JS, Baker EK. Computational Experiments with Algorithms for a Class of Routing Problems. Computers & Operations Research 1983;10(1):47-59. (link)
  • val (or bccm): Benavent E, Campos V, Corberan A, Mota E. The Capacitated Arc Routing Problem: Lower Bounds. Networks 1992;22:669-90. (link)
  • egl (e and s): Li LYO, Eglese RW. An Interactive Algorithm for Vehicle Routeing for Winter-Gritting. Journal of the Operational Research Society 1996;47:217-28. (link)
  • beullens (from C to F): Beullens P, Muyldermans L, Cattrysse D, Oudheusden DV. A Guided Local Search Heuristic for the Capacitated Arc Routing Problem. European Journal of Operational Research 2003;147(3):629-43. (link)
  • egl-large (g): Brandão J, Eglese R. A Deterministic Tabu Search Algorithm for the Capacitated Arc Routing Problem. Computers & Operations Research 2008;35:1112-26. (link)

See the full list. There are some other instances (A and B), but I could not find their origin (if you know, please send me a message).

For example, to load kshs1.dat:

data = load(:kshs1)

For instances with -, use _ instead:

data = load(:egl_e2_A)

Julia symbols do not allow -.

For custom CARP files, you must use the custom instance format. Check the README in the data directory for instructions.

data = load("path/to/my/instance.ext")

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