A binding of the physics engine Chipmunk for Julia
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Chipmunk.jl is a Julia binding of the popular physics engine [Chipmunk] ( ([Github page] ( This is currently very much in progress.

Take a look at the examples/ folder to see what you can do with Chipmunk.jl

Chipmunk.jl uses [SFML.jl] ( to render the world to the screen.

Chipmunk.jl also requires Julia 0.4.


Installation is quite simple. The package will clone and install chipmunk from source to deps/. Make sure that you have cmake installed so that it can build chipmunk.

I have not been able to get cmake to compile Chipmunk on Windows yet.

If you get an SFML build error about follow_symlinks you should update your version of Julia 0.4.

julia> Pkg.clone("")

[License] (