Julia bindings for AMD's clFFT library
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Julia bindings to AMD's clFFT library

WARNING: Some functions in this package FAIL in tests and aren't considered stable. Please, familiarize yourself with tests before using the package.


import OpenCL
import CLFFT

const cl = OpenCL
const clfft = CLFFT

_, ctx, queue = cl.create_compute_context()

N = 100
X = ones(Complex64, N)
bufX = cl.Buffer(Complex64, ctx, :copy, hostbuf=X)

p = clfft.Plan(Complex64, ctx, size(X))
clfft.set_layout!(p, :interleaved, :interleaved)
clfft.set_result!(p, :inplace)
clfft.bake!(p, queue)

clfft.enqueue_transform(p, :forward, [queue], bufX, nothing)  
result =, bufX)

@assert isapprox(norm(result - fft(X)), zero(Float32))