Color `code_llvm` and `code_native` printing
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The feature of this package has been incorporated into InteractiveUtils of Julia v1.6. You can use this package to enable syntax highlighting of code_llvm and code_native, even on Julia v1.5 or earlier.


code_llvm in Windows Terminal

code_native in Jupyter


julia> import Pkg; Pkg.add("ColoredLLCodes")


pkg> add ColoredLLCodes

Customizing colorscheme

You can customize the printing styles by overwriting the dictionary ColoredLLCodes.llstyle. Each style is specified by a tuple of the bold flag and the color keyword or ANSI color code (0-255). For example:

# Monokai256
ColoredLLCodes.llstyle[:default]     = (false, :normal)
ColoredLLCodes.llstyle[:comment]     = (false, 101)
ColoredLLCodes.llstyle[:label]       = (false, :normal)
ColoredLLCodes.llstyle[:instruction] = ( true, 197)
ColoredLLCodes.llstyle[:type]        = (false, 81)
ColoredLLCodes.llstyle[:number]      = (false, 141)
ColoredLLCodes.llstyle[:bracket]     = (false, :normal)
ColoredLLCodes.llstyle[:variable]    = (false, 208)
ColoredLLCodes.llstyle[:keyword]     = (false, 197)
ColoredLLCodes.llstyle[:funcname]    = (false, 208)
# Classic (used in the screenshots above)
ColoredLLCodes.llstyle[:default]     = (false, :light_black)
ColoredLLCodes.llstyle[:comment]     = (false, :green)
ColoredLLCodes.llstyle[:label]       = (false, :light_red)
ColoredLLCodes.llstyle[:instruction] = ( true, :light_cyan)
ColoredLLCodes.llstyle[:type]        = (false, :cyan)
ColoredLLCodes.llstyle[:number]      = (false, :yellow)
ColoredLLCodes.llstyle[:bracket]     = (false, :yellow)
ColoredLLCodes.llstyle[:variable]    = (false, :normal)
ColoredLLCodes.llstyle[:keyword]     = (false, :light_magenta)
ColoredLLCodes.llstyle[:funcname]    = (false, :light_yellow)