Enhances Dates.CompoundPeriod
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Some enhancements for Dates.CompoundPeriod (Julia v1)

Copyright © 2018 by Jeffrey Sarnoff.    This work is made available under The MIT License.

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This package enhances the CompoundPeriod type defined within Dates (Dates.CompoundPeriod). A CompoundPeriod is formed by attaching (adding) two or more distinct Periods:

julia> using Dates

julia> typeof( Year(1999) ), typeof( Hour(15) )
Year, Hour

julia> typeof( Year(1999) + Hour(15) )

Note that typeof( compound_period ) is shown as CompoundPeriod rather than Dates.CompoundPeriod. This lets you know that enhanced CompoundPeriods are in use.

julia> using CompoundPeriods, Dates

julia> typeof( Year(1999) + Hour(15) )

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