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A Julia wrapper for CoolProp (http://www.coolprop.org)

This is not my work, and all the credit goes to the cool CoolProp contributors. I only put this together to make things easier for a friend of mine.


using Pkg


The API is described in http://www.coolprop.org/coolprop/HighLevelAPI.html.

You can obtain e.g. the boiling point of water like this:

using CoolProp
PropsSI("T", "P", 101325.0, "Q", 0.0, "Water")

The Unitful package is also supported. When you make a call to PropsSI using units, the result will also have the relevant units:

using CoolProp
using Unitful: °C, Pa

PropsSI("P", "T", 100°C, "Q", 0.0, "Water")
101417.99665788244 Pa

Humid air properties are available using the HAPropsSI function, e.g. getting the enthalpy at 20°c and 50 % relative humidity:

using CoolProp
using Unitful: °C, Pa

HAPropsSI("H", "Tdb", 20°C, "RH", 0.5, "P", 101325Pa)
38622.83892391293 J kg⁻¹