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This is a julia package for using Stanford CoreNLP. A CoreNLP server is needed for using the package. Stanford CoreNLP can be downloaded from:

Quick Start

This package can be installed in julia by:

using Pkg;Pkg.add(PackageSpec(url=""))   

The server must be started whenever the package is used. The detail of starting the server could be found on webpage:

For example, suppose java is installed in /opt/jdk-11.0.10+9 and Stanford CoreNLP is extracted into /opt/stanford-corenlp-4.2.0, then to start the server, we could use the following command:

$/opt/jdk-11.0.10+9/bin/java -mx4g -cp "/opt/stanford-corenlp-4.2.0/*" edu.stanford.nlp.pipeline.StanfordCoreNLPServer -port 9000 -timeout 15000

Examples of using this package:

using CoreNLPClient

text = "I am a Julia programmer. I love Julia programming."

res1 = CoreNLP("http://localhost:9000", text)

res2 = CoreNLP("localhost:9000", text)

res3 = CoreNLP("localhost", text)

res4 = CoreNLP(text)

annotations = getNLPAnnotations(text)

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