A library that wraps OpenSSL, but also has pure Julia implementations for reference.
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A package that wraps OpenSSL (libcrypto), but also has pure Julia implementations for reference. Contributions welcome.

Check out @staticfloat's pure Julia SHA package. We may simply require that package in this one rather than keep separate SHA implementations.

WARNING: This package experimental and is not ready for production use. The pure Julia implementations are not complete. Use at your own risk.

Prior to next release

  • Update documentation to reflect new signatures and functions
  • Clean up tests
  • Fix RIPEMD160
  • Swap input/output order for func params in c functions


This package will likely be updated frequently and may break with previous versions. If you use the code, we recommend using

# Prevent Pkg.update from updating Crypto"Crypto")

# If used in a package's REQUIRE file
Crypto 0.0.1

when installing or requiring the package. Installing the package this way might be annoying, but will likely save trouble.

Getting started

using Crypto

# Add open OpenSSL algorithms to look-up table
# Required for using digests

Creating digests

# Digests are available for MD2, MD5, SHA, SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384,
# SHA512, DSS, DSS1, MDC2, RIPEMD160
Crypto.digest("SHA256", "test")
# 9f86d081884c7d659a2feaa0c55ad015a3bf4f1b2b0b822cd15d6c15b0f00a08

# If provided string is hex
Crypto.digest("SHA256", "12eba", is_hex=true)
# 0c58bf613f25d049c7355f7e334866bd6ba8b13ab7c06fc79cf607a57116174b

Using elliptic curve cryptography

So far, the package only generates public keys from private keys. We plan to add more functionality.

# Generate public key from private key
secret_key = "18e14a7b6a307f426a94f8114701e7c8e774e7f9a47e2c2035db29a206321725"
# "0450863ad64a87ae8a2fe83c1af1a8403cb53f53e486d8511dad8a04887e5b23522cd470243453a299fa9e77237716103abc11a1df38855ed6f2ee187e9c582ba6"

# Use curve secp256k1 (e.g., for Bitcoin) and generate uncompressed private key
# For more curves, see
const NID_secp256k1 = 714
const COMPRESSED = 2
Crypto.ec_public_key_create(secret_key, curve_id = NID_secp256k1, form = COMPRESSED)
# 0250863ad64a87ae8a2fe83c1af1a8403cb53f53e486d8511dad8a04887e5b2352

Generating random numbers

# Returns array of 32 Uint8


Detailed todos are noted in "TODO" sections found in the source code. Major todos:

  • Review for cryptographic security (e.g., CSPRNG, memory cleanup)
  • Add more Julia implementations
  • Add more OpenSSL Libcrypto functions
  • Implement ECDSA signing / authentication

How to contribute

Let's figure that out together! Generally, testing and documentation are good. The TODOs list at the top of source files are one place to start. To help others review pull requests, please follow these guidelines:

  • Add a summary of your changes to in the 'Work in progress' section
  • Make sure new code is tested and all tests pass
# Navigate to package directory
julia --code-coverage test/runtests.jl

Thank you for your help!


Shout out to @dirk, @amitmurthy, @j2kun, @wwilson, and @staticfloat for OpenSSL, Julia, and theory references.