Groups for cryptographic applications
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Cryptographic groups are a fundamental building block for digital signatures, key exhange algorithm, assymetric encryption and many other exciting algorithms of practical importance.


  • Import and fix tests

  • Add a spec function with which specs can be retrieved as spec(:P_192), spec(:OakleyV1) or spec(:B_163, :PB).

  • Introuce abstract type Spec

  • Rename crs to rand and in ShuffleProofs, gen_verificatum_prg.

  • Rename solidify as specialize

  • Rename incurve to oncurve

  • According to

    ... the standard Weierstrass addition formulas fail if Q happens to match -P. This will not be caught by random tests.

as well as identical points can not be summed. Could be partially addressed at the higher level of ECGroup.

> An implementor can stop a small-subgroup attack by rejecting any Q for which hQ = 0

This may be addressed at constructor level, but requires to know the cofactor.

  • Adding accessor methods to AffinePoint as _a and _b and acessor methods to curves a and b
  • Implement independent basis generation for elliptic curves
    • Add a square root function for elliptic curves (Imported from CryptoUtils)
  • Make a prg iterator for numbers
  • Fix the UndefVarError(:P) in the show method
  • Add point, field, integer conversions as specified in X9.62 section 4.3
  • Specify cofactors in the elliptic curve specs and encode cofactor assertions in ECPoint
  • Does order needs to be computed from n by divifing with cofactor h?
  • Add some docs
  • Consider better alternatives for internal data representation of F2GNB and F2PB to improve performance.