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This package provides bare singleton types based on the standard ISO 4217 3-character alpha codes to be used primarily for dispatch in other JuliaFinance packages together with five methods:

  • currency: The singleton type for a particular currency symbol
  • symbol: The 3-character symbol of the currency.
  • name: The full name of the currency.
  • code: The ISO 4217 code for the currency.
  • unit: The minor unit, i.e. number of decimal places, for the currency.

Within JuliaFinance, currencies are defined in two separate packages:

A brief explanation and motivation for each is presented below.


As mentioned, this package defines standard currencies as singleton types that can be thought of as labels.

For example:

julia> using Currencies

julia> currency(:USD)

julia> for ccy in currency.([:USD, :EUR, :JPY, :IQD])
            println("Currency: $(Currencies.symbol(ccy))")
            println("Name: $(Currencies.name(ccy))")
            println("Code: $(Currencies.code(ccy))")
            println("Minor Unit: $(Currencies.unit(ccy))\n")

Currency: USD
Name: US Dollar
Code: 840
Minor Unit: 2

Currency: EUR
Name: Euro
Code: 978
Minor Unit: 2

Currency: JPY
Name: Yen
Code: 392
Minor Unit: 0

Currency: IQD
Name: Iraqi Dinar
Code: 368
Minor Unit: 3

If all you need is a list of currencies with names, ISO 4217 codes and minor units, e.g. for building a dropdown menu in a user interface, then this lightweight package is what you want.


When a currency is thought of as a financial instrument (as opposed to a mere label), we choose to refer to it as "Cash" as it would appear, for example, in a balance sheet. Assets.jl provides a Cash instrument together with a specialized Position type that allows for basic algebraic manipulations of Cash and other financial instrument positions, e.g.

julia> using Asset
julia> @cash USD, JPY

julia> 10USD

julia> 10JPY

julia> 10USD+20USD

julia> 10USD+10JPY
ERROR: Can't add Positions of different Instruments USD, JPY

If you need currency as an asset with corresponding cash positions, you want Assets.jl.

Data Source

Data for this package was obtained from https://datahub.io/core/country-codes.