Submit and execute distributed computations. A dask.distributed scheduler and Dispatcher.jl integration.
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DaskDistributedDispatcher integrates Dispatcher.jl with the python dask.distributed scheduler service.



Dispatcher.jl builds the graph of julia computations and submits jobs via the julia client to the dask.distributed scheduler, which is in charge of determining when and where to schedule jobs on the julia workers. Thus, the computations can be scheduled and executed efficiently.

Quick Start

At the command line:


At the Julia REPL, given some Dispatcher nodes nodes:

@everywhere using DaskDistributedDispatcher

for i in workers()
	@spawnat i Worker()

dask_executor = DaskExecutor()

node_results = run!(dask_executor, nodes)

For a more detailed explanation, see the documentation linked above.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can the python dask.distributed scheduler be used for julia computations?

The dask.distributed scheduler can be used in a julia workflow environment since it is language agnostic (no information that passes in or out of it is Python-specific). Instead the scheduler communicates with the workers/clients entirely using msgpack and long bytestrings. More information on the protocol used is here.


DaskDistributedDispatcher.jl is provided under the Mozilla Public License 2.0.