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A Julia interface to the SQLite3 library that implements the DBI.jl protocol.

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Package Documentation

This package implements the interface described in the DBI.jl docs.

Known Problems / Installation

To function, this package needs to have access to a custom build of SQLite3 that has the SQLITE_ENABLE_COLUMN_METADATA compile-time option enabled. The steps below describe one possible way to enable this option:

Step 1: Download a copy of the autoconf-ready source code for SQLite3 here. This package has been tested against sqlite-autoconf-3080300.tar.gz.

Step 2: Modify the first line of the sqlite3.c file to include the following code:

// For use with DBI.jl, we always build SQLite3 with column metadata enabled

Step 3: Compile and install the modified SQLite3 library:

make install

On most systems that provide SQLite3, the SQLITE_ENABLE_COLUMN_METADATA option is not enabled. Under these circumstances, most of the functionality of this library will work, except for the tableinfo and columninfo functions.