Determinantal Point Processes for Julia
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!Disclaimer! This package is based on the work of alshedivat/DeterminantalPointProcesses.jl and aims at keeping this package alive.

An efficient implementation of Determinantal Point Processes (DPP) in Julia.

Current features

  • Exact sampling [1] from DPP and k-DPP (can be executed in parallel).
  • MCMC sampling [2] from DPP and k-DPP (parallelization will be added).
  • pdf and logpdf evaluation functions [1] for DPP and k-DPP.

Planned features

  • Exact sampling using dual representation [1].
  • Better integration with MCMC frameworks in Julia (such as Lora.jl or AbstractMCMC.jl).
  • Fitting DPP and k-DPP models to data [3, 4].
  • Reduced rank DPP and k-DPP.
  • Kronecker Determinantal Point Processes [5].

Any help on these topics would be highly appreciated


Contributions are sought (especially if you are an author of a related paper). Bug reports are welcome.


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[2] Kang, B. Fast determinantal point process sampling with application to clustering. NIPS, 2013.

[3] Gillenwater, J., A. Kulesza, E. Fox, and B. Taskar. Expectation-Maximization for learning Determinantal Point Processes. NIPS, 2014.

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[5] Mariet, Z., and S. Sra. Kronecker Determinantal Point Processes. arXiv:1605.08374, 2016.