Julia-MPI solution of a two-dimensional diffusion equation
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Diffusion.jl is a Julia package that solves the diffusion equation on a two-dimensional Cartesian domain, using the Message Passing Interface (MPI) paradigm. For more information, please have a look at this blog post.


In your target folder, clone the repository with the command: git clone https://github.com/cbellei/Diffusion.jl.git


Diffusion.jl is tested on Julia 1.0. It assumes that an MPI installation (for example, Open MPI) is available on the system and that the Julia package MPI.jl has been installed.

How to use Diffusion.jl

Simulation parameters

The simulation parameters are all specified in a yaml file, as in src/example.yml. The parameters that are required are:

  • number of cells in the x and y directions
  • number of processors in the x and y direction
  • maximum number of steps for the simulation
  • time step dt
  • criterion for terminating the simulation (if the solution changes by less than the tol value, the simulation is ended)
  • name of the output file


If you want to run a simulation with a number of processes equal to nproc, and the simulation parameters are contained in the file src/example.yml, then you should type on the Terminal

mpirun -np nproc julia src/diffusion.jl src/example.yml

Running tests

All tests can be run from the Terminal, using the command

julia test/runtests.jl