Example of distributed learning in Julia
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Example of distributed learning in Julia. Note this is not a full featured distributed machine learning library, therefore we are not going to register this in the Julia package system.

Instead, this is a demonstrative project showing how to use Julia's parallel and distributed computing interfaces to easily implement your own distributed optimization / learning algorithms.


This example requires the following packages (with minimum version number specified):

  • Julia 0.6.0
  • ArgParse.jl 0.5.0


The examples should be run with multiple Julia workers --- could be local processes or processes on remote nodes. To run Julia with N local worker process, type

julia -p N

or use --machinefile <file> to run workers on remote nodes specified by the hostnames listed in <file>. Please refer to the Julia doc on parallel computing for more details and other ways to run distributed Julia.

The entry point for the examples are in run.jl. The general format is

julia -p <N> run.jl <algor-name> --<algor-opts> ...

Currently two algorithms are included: asgd and cocoa. Both algorithms are only implemented for binary classification with +1/-1 labels. ASGD is implemented with the hinge loss, and COCOA with the smoothed hinge loss. The reference for COCOA is

Jaggi, M., Smith, V., Takác, M., Terhorst, J., Krishnan, S., Hofmann, T. and Jordan, M.I., 2014. Communication-efficient distributed dual coordinate ascent. In Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (pp. 3068-3076).

For example, to run ASGD on the demo toy data with batch size 100 with 4 local worker processes:

julia -p 4 run.jl asgd --batch-size=100

Or you can get a list of available options via

$ julia -p 2 run.jl asgd --help
usage: run.jl [--data DATA] [--n-epoch N-EPOCH]
              [--regu-coef REGU-COEF] [--batch-size BATCH-SIZE]
              [--learning-rate LEARNING-RATE] [-h]

optional arguments:
  --data DATA            (default: "demo")
  --n-epoch N-EPOCH     (type: Int64, default: 100)
  --regu-coef REGU-COEF
                        (type: Float64, default: 0.01)
  --batch-size BATCH-SIZE
                        (type: Int64, default: 100)
  --learning-rate LEARNING-RATE
                        (type: Float64, default: 0.01)
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit