Julia package for students in Decision Making under Uncertainty
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Julia package for students in Decision Making under Uncertainty. This package contains code needed for homeworks and submission to gradescope.

The code will be updated over the course of the semester, so it is extemely important to update the code before starting a homework assignment to ensure that you have the latest version.

Examining and using any of the code in this package is encouraged, except for obfuscated code. Obfuscated code is hidden by default and will look like files full of numbers; it will not be easy to accidentally see. However a deliberate attempt to de-obfuscate this code or look inside it using another tool will be considered a violation of the Honor Code.

Installation and Testing

Installation, updating and testing are performed in Julia's pkg> mode. To enter pkg> mode, press ] in julia. To return to normal julia execution mode from pkg> mode, press backspace.


pkg> add


Students should always use the latest version. To get the latest version, run

pkg> update


Tests for the package can be run with:

pkg> test DMUStudent

Homework code

Homework code is contained in submodules, for example to import all functions needed to complete homework 1, run

using DMUStudent.HW1

Submitting json results from the evaluate function

Each homework module has an evaluate function that will be used for the challenge problems. The first argument is the submission required by the homework, and the second argument is the email that you used to register for gradescope. For example, on homework 1, you might call:

f(x, y) = x+y
HW1.evaluate(f, "")

This will produce a json file (results.json by default) that can be submitted to gradescope.

For some homeworks, the evaluate function may have keyword arguments. These can be accessed through julia's built in help, i.e. with ?HW1.evaluate.

Starter code

"Starter code" that shows how to get started on the homeworks is not part of this package. See Canvas for links to starter code.


Where is this code located on my machine?

You should not ever need to edit the code in this package. The easiest way to look at the code is on github. On your machine, a copy will be located in ~/.julia/packages/DMUStudent, but you should not edit this copy.