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Documentation generation using Docile.jl and Lexicon.jl is being deprecated in Julia 0.4 and above in favour of Documenter.jl.

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Docile is a Julia package documentation system.

It provides a macro, @doc, for documenting arbitrary Julia objects. This functionality is equivalent to the new @doc macro available from Base in Julia 0.4.

Additionally, Docile has support for using plain strings for documentation rather than using the @doc macro. See the package documentation for further details.


Docile supports both Julia 0.3 and 0.4 and can be installed via:


Viewing Documentation

Package documentation is available for the stable and development versions.

To view documentation from the REPL and generate external documentation for a package please install the package Lexicon.

Projects using Docile / Lexicon

  • AverageShiftedHistograms.jl David Scott's Average Shifted Histogram density estimation.
  • BDF.jl Module to read Biosemi BDF files with the Julia programming language.
  • BrainWave.jl Julia functions to process electroencephalographic recordings.
  • Diversity.jl Julia package for diversity measurement.
  • Docile.jl Julia package documentation system.
  • EvolvingGraphs.jl Dynamic graph analysis framework in Julia.
  • IterativeSolvers.jl Implement Arnoldi and Lanczos methods for svds and eigs.
  • Lexicon.jl Julia package documentation generator.
  • QuantEcon.jl quantitative economics (see also )
  • SDT.jl Signal detection theory measures with Julia.
  • Sims.jl Experiments with non-causal, equation-based modeling in Julia.
  • TargetedLearning.jl General framework for constructing regular, asymptotically linear estimators for pathwise differentiable parameters.
  • TradingLogic.jl A unified event-driven backtesting and live algorithmic trading framework using Julia reactive programming.

If you use Docile / Lexicon please file an issue or send a pull request through GitHub to be listed here.

Issues and Support

Please file any issues or feature requests you might have through the GitHub issue tracker.