A small package to automatically create temporary environments in offline mode.
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April 2022

Draft (WIP)

Package for faster prototyping without widespread implications for your Julia default installation.

  • Activates a temporary project when the module is loaded.
  • Enables offline mode when the module is loaded for a faster package adding. Locally installed packages will be reused.
  • Provides a macro to load and install a package: @reuse PackageA or @reuse PackageA PackageB.
  • Output of @reuse can be suppressed by calling Draft.silent(). Undo with Draft.silent(false).
  • Provides a function to switch back to online mode: Draft.online().
  • Provides a function to save the temporary Project.toml file to a target location: save_environment(target_dir).


] add https://github.com/feanor12/Draft.jl


import Pkg

First Steps

# enable / load Draft
using Draft
# load StaticArrays and Unitful (works only if locally available)
@reuse StaticArrays Unitful
# save temporary environment 

Persistent usage

If you want this package to be loaded by default, install it in your base environment and add

using Draft

to the .julia/config/startup.jl file.