A Package for Domain Reduction in Global Optimization
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Domain Reduction Procedures in Global Optimization

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Matthew Wilhelm, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Connecticut (UCONN)


julia> Pkg.add("EAGODomainReduction.jl")


EAGODomainReduction.jl provides a series of subroutines for tightening the domains of subproblems solved in global optimization (potentially to in-feasibility). Currently, it supports routines for nonconvex nonlinear programs:

  • Interval Contractor Propagation: A forward-backward interval contractor using IntervalArthimetic.jl and IntervalContractors.jl for the operator library.
  • Duality-Based Bound Tightening: Provides algorithms for tightening domains based on duality of solutions found for subproblems.
  • Standard Range Reduction: Contracts subproblem domain via linear-relaxations generated using McCormick relaxations.
  • Implicit Subroutine support: Supports domain reduction of reduced space lower-bound problems defined through relaxation of implicit functions by fixed-point methods.

The routine are used extensively in the EAGO.jl package solver. Please see the example files for usage cases.

Future Work

  • Update the interval-constraint propagation algorithm to incorporate propagation heuristics in Vu2008.
  • Incorporate control-flow syntax support into constraint propagation algorithm.
  • Incorporate improvements to probing and optimality based-bound tightening.
  • Add support for Mixed-Integer NLP.

Related Packages

  • EAGO.jl: A package containing global and robust solvers based mainly on McCormick relaxations. This package supports a JuMP and MathProgBase interface.
  • IntervalConstraintProgramming.jl: Provides algorithms that furnish bounds on constraints defined by expressions. The constraint propagation routine in EAGODomainReduction.jl can generate tape objects that are reusable for generically-defined functions. In addition, we use a Vector{Interval} storage object that allows for in-place mutation of intervals.
  • IntervalContractors.jl: Provides a library of reverse interval contractors.


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