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License: MIT

Download topographic data for the globe.


julia> using Earth2014

julia> x, y, z = Earth2014.load() # or Earth.load(res="1min"), default is "5min"

This will download the data via Datadeps.jl only once and make it available for future use.

Then you can use it for your research, or just plot it for example:

julia> using Plots

julia> heatmap(x, y, z, clim=maximum(abs.(z)).*(-1,1), color=:topo)

which should show something like

5min-resolution global relief plot


This is not my data. If you use this you should cite these guys:

Christian Hirt, Moritz Rexer, Earth2014: 1 arc-min shape, topography, bedrock and ice-sheet models – Available as gridded data and degree-10,800 spherical harmonics, International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, Volume 39, 2015, Pages 103-112, ISSN 0303-2434, 10.1016/j.jag.2015.03.001.

Note the reference for the data should pop up when you load() it.

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