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A Julia package to simplify package development. EasyPkg aims to reduce the boilerplate code typically found in a Julia project's "src/.jl" and "test/runtests.jl".

Package Source code

EasyPkg can include all Julia source files in your package automatically, or assist with manual source file handing.

Automatic source file handling

Use include_all_sources() to reduce the average Julia project's "src/.jl" to


module <PrjName>

import EasyPkg

function __init__()

end # module

For this to work, the structure of the sources files must not depend on a specific inclusion order - so the source files should not contain any initialization steps that depend on another source file. For precompiled packages, this shouldn't be an issue, as all initialization steps will reside in __init()__ anyhow.

Manual source file handling

If you need control over the order in which source files are included, you can use EasyPkg.include_sources(name...) to shorten your source inclusion code a little and handle subdirectories in a modular fashion.

Given a package structure like

  • src
    • foo/foo.jl
    • foo/xyz.jl
    • bar.jl



to include "foo/foo.jl" and "bar.jl". Obviously, "foo/foo.jl" will be responsible for including "foo/xyz.jl" and other files in the "foo" subdirectory (e.g using EasyPkg.include_sources again).

Note: The source file structure of EasyPkg itself is not necessarily a good template - it is a bit complicated and deeply nested on purpose, so that EasyPkg can tests it's own functionality.

Package Tests

Use EasyPkg.run_all_tests() to reduce "test/runtests.jl" for a typical Julia project to

import EasyPkg

It will automatically find and include all your test source files (may reside in nested directories). They should look like this:

import EasyPkg

@testset "Some tests" begin
    @test ...
    @test ...

@testset "Some more tests" ...