Autonomous emergency braking system for pedestrian avoidance
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EmergencyBrakingSystem: Emergency Braking System for Pedestrians

contact: Markus Schratter, m.schratter@gmx.at Maxime Bouton, boutonm@stanford.edu

CPAN25 50km/h

False Positive Test

A pedestrian corsses the road, but there is no brake intervention required.


To install this package and its dependency, it is recommended to use julia > 1.1 and add the SISL registry and the JuliaPOMDP registry. You can run the following line in the julia REPL:

using Pkg 
using POMDPs
POMDPs.add_registry() # add JuliaPOMDP registry 
Pkg.Registry.add("https://github.com/sisl/Registry") # add sisl registry 
Pkg.add("EmergencyBrakingSystem") # install the package and its dependencies

Code to run

Run test.ipynb for a visualization of the different scenarios.

Folder structure

  • src/
  • docs/
  • test/