Better parser errors for Julia
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FancyDiagnostics - Enhance your Julia error message experience

FancyDiagnostics replaces the standard julia parsing mechanics and substitues in CSTParser. CSTParser provides a richer set of diagnostics than the base julia parser. This package allows you to take advantage of that in the REPL. Please note however, that CSTParser does not currently have the same level of maturity as the base parser. Please file an issue on CSTParser if you encounter a syntax construct that gets parsed incorrectly after loading this package.


After installing the package, simply place

using FancyDiagnostics

in your .juliarc.jl.



julia> a && && b
ERROR: syntax: invalid identifier name "&&"


julia> a && && b
REPL[1]:1:6 ERROR: Unexpected operator
a && && c