This package is deprecated for modern and up-to-date see https://github.com/alsam/OffsetArrays.jl
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provides the ability to use arbitrary starting indices for arrays in Julia programming language.

julia> using FArrayMod

julia> y = FArray(Float64, -1:1, -7:7, -128:512, -5:5, -1:1, -3:3, -2:2, -1:1);

julia> y[-1,-7,-128,-5,-1,-3,-2,-1] = 14

julia> y[-1,-7,-128,-5,-1,-3,-2,-1] += 5

The main purpose of this package is to simplify translation from Fortran codes intensively using Fortran arrays with negative and zero starting indices, such as

  • the codes accompanying the book Numerical Solution of Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations by prof. John A. Trangenstein Please refer here and here

  • Clawpack (stands for Conservation Laws Package) by prof. Randall J. LeVeque