Misc julia code that have not yet found its home in a package...
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This is where I collect useful Julia code for which I have not yet created a package, or where existing Julia packages (by others) do not yet (to my knowledge) include it.


Just install from the github by calling:


from a Julia repl.


Comparing two set of samples (empirical distributions)

  • Baumgartner-Weis-Schindler statistic and test:

    • bws_statistic(x, y)
    • bws_test_sampled(x, y, numsamples = 10000)
  • There is also an add-on layer to these tests to try to give them the same interface as in HypothesisTests.jl:

    • BWSTest(x, y)
    • pvalue(t::BWSTest)
  • Utilities used in these comparisons:

    • ranks(x, y) to calculate the combined ranks of all values in x and y
    • factorial
    • combinations