A place to add some missing filter functions: filterfirst, filtersingle, filterlast, etc.
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This package provides some simple functions I often find I would like to have in the Julia language, similar to the find functions (i.e. findfirst, findlast, etc.), which return the object rather than the index. This also includes filtersingle which provides the same functionality as c# Enumerable.Single method.

For example:

    struct Person

    brad = Person(1, "Brad")
    julia = Person(1, "Julia")
    audra = Person(2, "Audra")
    ellie = Person(3, "Ellie")

    people = [brad, audra, ellie, julia]

    x = filtersingle(x-> == 3, people) #returns the object `ellie`
    x = filtersingle(x-> == 1, people) #throws an exception
    x = filterfirst(x-> == 1, people) #returns `brad`

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