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Locate methods defined through macros

Methods defined through macros unhelpfully report their file and line numbers as those inside the macro definition. For example, this

# contents of foo.jl:
module Foo
  macro foo()
      :(bar() = x)  # line 3

  @foo() # line 6

# somewhere else:

gives an UndefVarError with the stack trace pointing to line 3, rather than 6.

This module provides functions finddef(method) and finddefs(f::Function) returning LineNumberNodes for the macro call sites:

julia> using FindDefinition

julia> finddef(first(methods(
:(#= [...]/foo.jl:6 =#)

julia> finddefs(
1-element Array{LineNumberNode,1}:
 :(#= [...]/foo.jl:6 =#)

Warning: The current implementation uses eval inside loaded modules to match method signatures. This is probably harmless, but does produce new gensymed symbols inside your loaded modules.

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