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This package aims to generalize Base.Fix1 and Base.Fix2 for arbitrary function arities and binding patterns with a type Fix. Fix can also include keyword arguments. One day, parts of this package may be included in Julia's Base itself; see issue #36181.

See the documentation for more detail and examples.

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A lightning talk about this package was presented at JuliaCon 2021.

JuliaCon 2021 talk recording


Julia line coverage information in VS Code

First generate .cov files:

using Pkg
Pkg.test("FixArgs"; coverage=true)


using Coverage
coverage = process_folder()
open("", "w") do io
    LCOV.write(io, coverage)

Finally, Open a source file in VS Code and run the command "Coverage Gutters: Display Coverage" in the VS Code Command Pallet.

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