A JuMP extension for conducting flexibility analysis.
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A JuMP extension for analyzing and quantifying the flexibility of complex systems. Formerly known as FlexJuMP.jl.


FlexibilityAnalysis.jl is long out of date and is currently without a developer. It last worked with Julia v1.1 and JuMP v0.18 using Gurobi.jl v.6 (wrapping Gurobi 0.7.x). Please respond to this issue if you would like to help bring this up-to-date.

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Build Status Build Status2 codecov.io

Comments, suggestions and improvements are welcome and appreciated.


FlexibilityAnalysis is licensed under the MIT "Expat" license.


FlexibilityAnalysis.jl is a registered Julia package and can be installed in the usual manner.

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Please visit our documentation pages to learn all you need to know to get started and more. We provide a quick start guide, an overview necessary background material, a detailed user guide, examples, and an API library.

Project Status

The package was tested (in 2019) against Julia 1.0, 1.1, and nightly on Linux, macOS, and Windows.


FlexibilityAnalysis needs a newer developer, see this issue to learn more.

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