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⚠️ This package has been deprecated in favor of:


Flight Mechanics utils ✈️

This package is intended to provide utils for Flight Mechanics computations. It runs on julia ≥ 1.0

  • International Standard Atmosphere: get pressure, temperature, density, sound velocity for a given altitude.
  • Conversion between different coordinate systems:
    • body
    • horizon
    • wind
    • ECEF
    • llh (latitude, longitude, height) over various ellipsoid models
  • Quaternion and euler angles conversions
  • Anemometry:
    • conversion between tas, cas, eas.
    • velocity calculation from airspeed indicator (ASI) pressure difference
    • dynamic pressure calculation (compressible and incompressible cases)
    • tas, alpha, beta from body velocity
  • 6 DOF Dynamic fixed mass models:
    • Flat Earth Euler angles
    • Flat Earth quaternions
    • Ellipsoidal Earth ECEF model quaternion
  • An experimental version of the simulator has been started. At the moment it comprises:
    • C310 aerodynamics model obtained from JSBSim with an oversimplified engine model.
    • F16 aerodynamics and engine (except for engine lag) model from ([1]).
    • A preliminary version of the trimmer able to trim both aircrafts and validated for F16 with text book examples.
    • Some base models serving as a for the development of the simulator: state, position, attitude, aerostate, mass, propulsion...
> [1] Stevens, B. L., Lewis, F. L., & Johnson, E. N. (2015). Aircraft control and simulation: dynamics, controls design, and autonomous systems. John Wiley & Sons. (page 715)

Install 🚀

You can install this package cloning it:

Pkg> add git@github.com:AlexS12/FlightMechanics.jl.git

or if you want the dev version:

Pkg> dev git@github.com:AlexS12/FlightMechanics.jl.git

and run the tests:

Pkg> test FlightMechanics

If this package is useful for you and want to join efforts don't hesitate to let me know.

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