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Gallium.jl is now deprecated. The following Julia debuggers are actively maintained:

  • Juno - the official integrated development environment (IDE) for the Julia language
  • Debugger.jl - the official Julia debugger
  • Rebugger.jl - an expression-level debugger for Julia with a provocative command-line (REPL) user interface
  • MagneticReadHead.jl - a Julia debugger based on Cassette.jl
  • Infiltrator.jl - allows you to set a breakpoint in a local context, inspect local variables and the call stack, and execute arbitrary statements in the context of the current function's module

You might also enjoy:

  • Traceur.jl - runs your code and tells you about any obvious performance traps
  • Cthulhu.jl - descend into Julia code and see it in all its representations.