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A Julia package implementing the generalized sampling framework by Anders Hansen, Ben Adcock et al. from Fourier measurements to Daubechies wavelets.

Note: This package has not been updated in quite a while and will not run on current versions of Julia. It is easy to try with an appropriate Docker image:

docker run --rm -it julia:0.4

I hope to get around to making GeneralizedSampling work on newer versions of Julia.


In Julia, run




The examples use the Plots package for plotting examples. Plots requires a backend as described in its documentation. I have tested the GR backend with the examples in GeneralizedSampling; the Plots interaction with GR is described in these Plots examples.

The example file examples/brain.jl uses precomputed data from this MRI phantom Matlab package and the data is not included in the package as it takes up about 21 MB. The data is available for download in the native Julia format jld from http://dahl-jacobsen.dk/generalizedsampling/brain.zip. Unzip the three jld files in the examples folder.