A basic geometric algebra library in Julia
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December 2012

Geometric Algebra for Julia

This is work-in-progress straight port of Fontijne's reference implementation of geometric algebra utilities to Julia. The code is right now mostly unperformant and non-idiomatic, but I try to improve it whenever I can.

This project follows the license of the original implementation, GPL2.

Things to do

A list of things to do, in no particular order:

  • Rewrite in idiomatic Julia
  • Implement general_inverse and utility functions for Multivectors
  • Support named basis vectors
  • Maybe a builtin support for popular geometry models (conformal, hyperbolic, homogeneous etc)
  • A comprehensive test suite
  • cos() and sin()
  • Multivector types
  • meet and join (possibly using the new method described here
  • A comprehensive benchmark to track performance improvements/regressions
  • Travis-ci support?
  • Write documentation
  • Use BitArray for bitmaps instead of integers?