Julia code for analytic and numeric solutions of the GIll Matsuno Circulation
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Created By: Nathanael Wong (


GillMatsuno.jl is a Julia package that:

  • numerically solves the Shallow-Water Equations on a $\beta$-plane
  • allows the user to define custom heat-forcing $Q$

GillMatsuno.jl can be installed via

] add GillMatsuno

Using GillMatsuno.jl

The numerical solution to the Gill-Matusno Model is called using GMcalc(). This function accepts the following keyword arguments as modifications to the initial model:

  • xmin and xmax define the left and right boundaries of the domain
  • ymin and ymax define the lower and upper boundaries of the domain
  • δx and δy define the grid-spacing in the x- and y- directions respectively
  • nt and δt define the number of timesteps, and the time between each step, respectively
  • A and L represent the amplitude and length of the heat-forcing Q
  • α represents the damping coefficient on the winds induced by the heat-forcing (default: α = 0.1)
  • β is the Coriolis Factor (nondimensionalized to β = 0.5 as the default)
  • g and H represent gravity and the height of the domain (both nondimensionalized to 1 as default)

An example is given below, with the default values as follows: