Julia interface to Google Code Search
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A Julia wrapper over Google Code Search.

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A context (Ctx) instance encapsulates the index location and provides a useful way to split indexing across multiple indices. It also holds a lock to handle it being called across tasks.

julia> # A resolver method is used to determine which index a path should be indexed in.
julia> # Useful to split indexing across multiple files for performance.
julia> # By default only a single index will be created.

julia> my_index_resolver(ctx::Ctx, inpath::String) = joinpath(, "myindex")
my_index_resolver (generic function with 1 method)

julia> # storedir is where all indices are kept (`$HOME/.googlecodesearchjl` by default)

julia> storedir="/tmp/store/"

julia> ctx = Ctx(store=storedir, resolver=my_index_resolver)

Index paths by calling the index method. While indexing, ensure paths are sorted such that paths appearing later are not substrings of those earlier. Otherwise, the earlier indexed entries are erased (strange behavior of cindex).

julia> index(ctx, "/tmp/dir1");

julia> index(ctx, ["/tmp/dir2", "/tmp/dir3", "/tmp/dir4"]);

Search by calling the search method with a regex pattern to search for. Optionally pass the following parameters:

  • ignorecase: boolean, whether to ignore case during search (default false)
  • pathfilter: a regular expression string to restrict search only to matching paths

The search method returns a vector of named tuples, each describing a match.

  • file: path that matched
  • line: line number therein that matched
  • text: text that matched
julia> search(ctx, "Include"; ignorecase=true, pathfilter=".*dir1.*")
17-element Array{NamedTuple{(:file, :line, :text),Tuple{String,Int64,String}},1}:
 (file = "/tmp/dir1/plugin/resolve.jl", line = 5, text = "# At the end it walks through the dependency tree and outputs include statements in the correct order.\n")                              
 (file = "/tmp/dir1/plugin/resolve.jl", line = 110, text = "function genincludes(folder::String)\n")                                                                                              
 (file = "/tmp/dir1/plugin/resolve.jl", line = 115, text = "    open(fullsrcpath(folder, \"modelincludes.jl\"), \"w\") do inclfile\n")                                                            
 (file = "/tmp/dir1/plugin/src/main/resources/julia/client.mustache", line = 13, text = "include(\"modelincludes.jl\")\n")                                                                        
 (file = "/tmp/dir1/plugin/src/main/resources/julia/client.mustache", line = 15, text = "include(\"api_{{classname}}.jl\"){{/apis}}{{/apiInfo}}\n")                                               

A HTTP service with JSON interface can be brought up with the run_http method. Use optional parameter ops to sepcify the operations that should be exposed. Additional keywords, identical to what HTTP.serve would accept can also be passed to this method to enable other features e.g. SSL, port reuse.

julia> using GoogleCodeSearch

julia> ctx = Ctx();

julia> run_http(ctx; host=ip"", port=5555, ops=(:index, :search))

Also provides methods to read, manipulate and write index files directly from Julia:

  • prune_paths!(idx, paths::Union{String,Vector{String}}): Removes paths and files under the path from the index. Note that removing a path will also disable reindexing of that path in future by simply invoking cindex to reindex all paths.
  • prune_files!(idx::Index, files::Union{String,Vector{String}}): Removes individual files from the index. Path information is retained in the index and will get reindex in future by involing cindex.
julia> using GoogleCodeSearch

julia> index_file = "/tmp/index";

julia> idx = GoogleCodeSearch.Index();

julia> open(index_file, "r") do inp
           read(inp, idx)

julia> # delete all files under path and remove path from index

julia> GoogleCodeSearch.prune_paths!(idx, "/tmp/jl_DmBJhH/data/path1");

julia> # remove file from index

julia> GoogleCodeSearch.prune_files!(idx, "/tmp/jl_DmBJhH/data/path22/file2");

julia> open(index_file, "w") do out
           write(out, idx)

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